Yuri Vishnevsky

crafting tools for the information age


Seasonal Spirals*
Visualizing the seasonality of human behavior
Prototyping Zig Density Plot
Exploring Zig for faster visualizations
Words Known Better in the US than in the UK
And vice versa
Words Known Better by Males than Females
And vice versa
Efficient Graph Search
Improving on a textbook algorithm
Building a Better Beeswarm
An occasional alternative to histograms
Stateful Reactivity with Preact Signals
A helper function for stateful signal updates
Why I No Longer Recommend Julia
Correctness and composability in the Julia ecosystem
The Gayest Hogwarts House
How does HP fan fiction compare to the real thing?
The Rise of Mobile Wikipedia
Exploring Wikipedia usage around the world
Peak Detection for Data Visualization
Improving time series visualizations
Introduction to Broadcasting
Visual guide to broadcasting in Julia
What Do Audible Narrators Sound Like?
Amusing complaints in Audible reviews
Quarantine Now
Containment gets harder every day we delay
The Long Tail of Dog Names
A thrilling tale of dogs and googly eyes
Orbiting the Hénon Attractor
Visualizing chaos theory
Julia Array Notation
Teaching arrays with simple diagrams
Ternary Slider
Generalizing sliders
Notes on Pixel Plants
Compression, performance, animation
Euclidean Distance and Pearson Correlation
Drawing out the connection
The Types of Magic
Exploring Magic card type trends
The Artists of Magic
Exploring Magic artist trends
Drawing Venn Diagrams
It is trickier than it seems


Interactive generative art
Wikipedia popularity search
Rhythm of Food*
Exploring the seasonality of food
Density Plots
Quickly plot a million points
Placing Pixels*
Fine art business cards
Pixel-placing in Go
Reactive Hypertext Literal
Toy reactive HTML5 and SVG library


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